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Hustle & Hide Co.

Hustle & Hide Co.

Photo by: Madison Holmlund. // Featured: Classic Festival Fanny + Strap

One of my favorite things about being a member of the post-grad club (for a little over a year now!) is watching God begin to unleash the people I went school with on this world.

My time in college held so many seemingly ordinary moments, moments spent listening or sharing or simply being present with another.  I know now that these moments were sacred spaces.  That the countless meals in the cafeteria, long walks to class, midnight trips to Taco Bell or 2am pillow talk held in them a space for my friends and I to discover who we were, who we wanted to be, and to begin to identify the things that made us tick.  The sacred spaces cultivated self-discovery, and forged life-long friendships as well.

And now I get to watch as those same friends step out into their callings, and enjoy alongside of them those moments where every past chapter in their stories suddenly makes sense.  It's like all the passions and hurts and challenges and heartbreaks and gifts were being woven together carefully, and now we're catching a glimpse of the beautiful tapestry on the other side, so much of it still yet to be unveiled.  It's evidence that every part of who each of us is as a person was intentional, created for a purpose.  And now that purpose is beginning to meet its place of need in the world.

Each calling is different.  I've got a friend working at a radio station in the Bay Area, another providing behavioral therapy to autistic children, and another still serving the homeless of Spokane.  One is a missionary in Madagascar, another is pouring her heart into kindergartners as a teacher, and another is working as a nurse.  One is in Boston telling beautiful stories through videography and photography, one is involved in social work, and others are pursuing passions to become a police officer or an actress.  Some have joined the corporate world and others are continuing school.  Others still are serving in churches or leading Bible studies or pouring themselves into their families.

Each friend is making a difference, and it excites me to see their passions come to life.  It's just fun to have friends out there doing their thing, having known them when those things were only inklings of dreams.  It's like the heart things shared in the sacred spaces are finally finding their expression in the world.

Biola University, where I went to school, has a mission statement that reads in part, "equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ."  It's cool to see the vision of a place so instrumental in preparing us being lived out beyond just words.  It gives me hope that together, we really can change the world.

Today on the blog I'm featuring two ladies I went to Biola with who are doing just that- using their creativity and artistry to bring inspiration and joy to the world around them.  A few weeks ago I got to be a part of their collaboration for a lifestyle shoot in San Francisco, and it was an absolute blast!  Here they are:

Teddi Joelle Cripps: Founder of Hustle & Hide Co., a company that creates beautiful handcrafted and minimalistic leather goods.  It's been so fun to watch her company grow and evolve.  Check it out- I dare you to peruse her page and not come away with at least five pieces you've added to your wish list.  Her dreamy clutches and bags are featured in the photos on this post.  IG: @hustleandhideco

Madison Holmlund: Her creative eye is inspiring and her photos are dreamy and breathtaking.  Seeing her posts pop up on my Instagram feed is seriously always a treat.  Check her out and find endless inspiration at: www.madisonkrueger.com.  All photos on this post were taken by Madi.  IG: @mholmlundphoto

Photo by: Madison Holmlund. // Featured: Plier folding clutch.

Photo by: Madison Holmlund. // Featured: Plier folding clutch.

Photo by: Madison Holmlund. // Featured: Mini Vela Messenger (left),  Hustler Clutch (middle & right).

And my personal favorite below! (Totally not adding this just because my parents follow my blog and Christmas is almost here... 😉).  I mean seriously though, that lush leather goodness and that tassel!  Talk about heart-eyes.

Featured: Yepa Messenger Tote.

Excited to watch as the people around me continue to make a difference with their gifts, including you!


P.S. Shout out to Lexi, who I had so much fun catching up with and getting to model these pieces with!

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