Midway Ice Castles | Kaci Nicole.jpg

Park City is a pretty little ski town slash winter wonderland best known for hosting, one, some of the Winter 2002 Olympic events and two, the Sundance Film Festival.  But leave it to me to visit a place known for its ski resorts and do everything except, well, ski. 😉

I booked this trip a couple months back with my friend Courtney and her grandparents (who have also been like a set of second grandparents to me and all of Court’s other friends from high school).  We were looking for a cozy, snowy getaway to someplace new and in visiting Park City, that’s exactly what we got!  We seriously had the best time.

None of us had done much skiing or snowboarding before so for that reason (along with the fact that it can be pretty pricey), when we were planning our itinerary we decided to keep it more low-key with the activities.  Every day, we had one or two fun activities planned, then filled in the rest of our time with yummy restaurants and relaxation in the condo we rented on AirBnb.  As fun as the snow is to play in, after a while it’s just as fun to watch it fall from inside while snuggled up in a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. 😋