11 ways my life has benefited from blogging

11 Ways My Life Has Benefited From Blogging | Kaci Nicole

Today is October 11th, which can only mean one thing—it’s my blog birthday!  Every year when my birthday rolls around, I like to take time to reflect on the ways God has grown me and shown Himself to me in the past year.  What I’ve found is, there’s often much I don’t see in the day-to-day until I stop and look back.  But when I do, I see more clearly God’s hand in my life, and it allows me to tie off the year I’m leaving with a bow of gratitude as I step into the next.  

It’s the same thing with other milestones.  Being an achiever who tends to also be a bit future-minded, I’ve learned that unless I create rhythms of celebration in my life, life itself can easily become one endless to-do list where I’m always looking on to the next goal rather than stopping to see and appreciate how far I’ve come.  One rhythm I’ve come to love is celebrating my blog birthday.