surrender, trust, and the unchanging character of god

Surrender, Trust, and the Unchanging Character of God | Kaci Nicole.jpg

Have you ever come across a Bible verse you’ve read a hundred times, and all of a sudden—maybe because of some situation you’re in—it comes alive to you in a whole new way?  You question if you even understood what it meant before?

18th century theologian Jonathan Edwards is famous for his analogy on honey, in which he essentially says, “I can show you honey and you can admire its golden hue.  I can tell you it’s sweet—and you can believe me when I tell you it’s sweet.  But unless you have tasted it, you don’t truly know it’s sweet.  You only truly know honey is sweet when you have tasted it.”

The heart of what he’s saying is that we can hear truths about God all day long, but until God makes those truths real to us by the power of His Spirit, we don’t truly knowthem.  God has to move our knowledge of Him from head knowledge to heart knowledge—from conceptual, to experiential.

I have a special fondness for the story of the Israelites in the Bible—it’s one of my favorites.  It seems that in each new season God walks me through, He unveils a new subtlety in their story to speak to me through.