what not to say to your single friend (and what to say instead)

What Not To Say To Your Single Friend (And What To Say Instead) | Kaci Nicole

It seems the most face-palm inducing statements can be made to singles, and often times Christian culture is the biggest culprit of making them.  I can’t tell you the number of frustrated sighs I’ve heard from single friends after they’ve been told some of these things or worse, the subtle sense of guilt I watch seep in as they begin to believe them.  Fortunately, the people I invite to speak into my life don’t respond to my singleness with these sentiments, but that’s not to say I haven’t heard them more broadly.  Singleness is a complex topic, and while some are happy as a clam to be flying solo, it is a source of deep pain and longing for many others.  When it comes down to it, some things are helpful to hear, and some things simply are not.