Hello and welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.  Not long ago I realized that all areas of dissatisfaction in my life led back to one solution: Jesus.  Everything I wanted to be more of—passionate about the things of God, selfless, free from fears, joyful—they all led to the same solution:  Spend time with Jesus.  Know Him.  Not just a head knowledge, but an experiential, heart knowledge.  And let that knowledge transform me.  This led to a freedom in realizing that the things I chase after or stress over in this life, I can let it all fall away and make my mission singular:  

The human soul finds satisfaction in Jesus, and the truth of who He is, it's woven into the world around us.  This blog is a space of honesty and hope where together, we can discover that truth, and step into the fullness of life it offers.

I love learning—about God, myself, and the world He’s working incessantly to redeem. This unearthing of truth ignites something in me, something that's brought to completion when I put it to words. I believe God has planted a passion and purpose deep within each one of us, and that there’s value in seeking after those things that cause a stirring in our hearts.  Those little sparks, whether from a good conversation or great book, cause us to think critically, feel deeply, or ask good questions. They help us fan into flame the passions He’s given us to impact the world with.

On this blog you’ll find me using words to work through some discoveries that ignite something in me.  My hope is that in reading, a spark might be ignited inside of you, too.

Much love,

Kaci Nicole Piccillo