the simple thing that changed how i see my current circumstances

God's Love For Us Is Unchanging | Kaci Nicole.jpg

Earlier in the week I texted Kristin, asking for prayer.  I’ve known Kristin since I was probably 13 or 14, and because she’s a few years older than me, she’s one of those friends who has always felt a little bit like a big sister as well. 

A couple hours later, I found myself sitting on her couch, putting words to the thought running circles in my mind: When is God going to bring the right person into my life?

Of course, when you focus on one thing you don’t like about your circumstances, you start to see a million: I wish my car wasn’t so old and about to poop out.  I wish I had a place to decorate and make my own.  I wish I were closer to my goals.  That’s discontentment, though.  It’s like droplets of rain on a windshield—they start out small but if you don’t use your windshield wipers to clear them away, pretty soon they’re all you can see.