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13 Christian Ladies' Blogs To Be Reading

13 Christian Ladies' Blogs To Be Reading

This year I hit my three-year blog birthday—which is SO crazy!  On the one hand, it feels like I’ve been sharing my heart here forever and on the other hand, it feels like just yesterday that I started.  There have been SO many ways blogging has brought good to my life since I hit “publish” on that first post, but one of my favorites is the way it’s connected me with incredible people from all around the world—whether that be readers or other bloggers.

Sharing stories is a powerful thing because in the stories of others, we find pieces of our own.  I truly believe that one of the most powerful gifts you can give another human being is language to wrap words around their experience and to show them they’re not alone.

Many bloggers out there have given me this gift, and I’ve loved learning from them as I’ve followed along with snippets of their journeys they’ve shared over the years.  Their posts have given me encouragement, inspiration, and perspective.  They’ve challenged me, made me think about things I’d never thought about before, introduced me to books I’ve loved or products that have become new favorites, or perfectly put words to things I thought no one else understood.  I’ve been bettered by the words of each one of them, even when their stories have been nothing like my own.  That being said, I decided to round up a list of some of these bloggers so you can benefit from them as well!

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Disclaimer: There are tons of gals and guys out there with awesome blogs, but I decided to narrow it down to the ladies, at least for this go-round.  Even then, this is by no means a comprehensive list!  There are SO many other AMAZING Christian women blogs out there.  I just had to keep the size manageable—pretty sure nobody’s got time to scroll through a list of 2,562. 😉 Below are a few of my favorites from the ones I personally read, in no particular order.  You can click on any of the photos to access their sites, and I’ve also included their Instagram handles as well.  I hope you find a face from this list you didn’t know before, and discover some new blogs you really love!



I seriously feel like Tiff is my long-lost sister who lives on the other side of the country.  There are so many aspects of her life that are similar to mine, and so much of what she writes resonates with me on a deep level.  What I love most about reading her blog and following her on Instagram, is that doing so makes me want to know God and His Word even more—mainly because it is SO clear from everything she puts out there that she loves Him with everything and has found such a deep joy in her relationship with Him.  Tiff writes on various faith related topics in an honest and encouraging way, and hers is the kind of content you need on your feed—promise.

Website: tiffanyrogers.co | Instagram: @tiffrogersmex


This blog was launched by amazing four ladies from my church—Lindsey, Marilyn, Erin, and Skye.  Their mission was “to create a safe space for people to share and hear from one another and a place for vulnerability and honesty to flourish”—and the beautiful thing is, this has truly happened!  They write on various topics, each pulling from their various experiences and seasons of life—always with raw transparency, seeking to see God’s faithfulness in all things.  This year, they also opened the blog up for others in our church to contribute to, and it’s been SO cool to learn from different women in our community as they share what’s going on beyond the surface.  I honestly think our church community is better because of this blog, and I know that anyone else who reads it will be too!

Website: ebenezerwomen.com | Instagram: @ebenezerwomen


I first discovered Mallory a couple years back when we were both contributors to an online magazine, and I have loved following her journey ever since.  Mallory’s blog is heavily centered around the healing journey she’s been on since receiving diagnosis of a life-threatening sickness back in 2013.  In the process of fighting to regain health, she became passionate about the healing power available to us in the foods God created—particularly, in plants.  I’ve learned so much from Mallory about overall health and wellness, and not only has her blog encouraged me toward healthier habits, it’s also been incredibly inspiring to learn from her endurance through ongoing pain and hardship.

Website: stillwaters1.com | Instagram: @stillwatersblog


Victoria—or Tori as I knew her in high school—is an IRL friend who has been inspiring as long as I’ve known her.  Her tagline for Victoria, Truthfully is “a lifestyle blog about things of the heart,” and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to encapsulate what her content covers.  I love that she mixes in lifestyle posts like beauty favorites and gift guides with writing posts where she shares things like her journey to becoming a pastor or thoughts on having kingdom-minded friendships—and let me tell you, her favorites lists have the BEST recommendations!  Girl knows what she’s talking about when it comes to book recommendations and all things beauty products.  Follow her if you want to be continually encouraged and inspired!

Website: victoriatruthfully.com | Instagram: @victoriatruthfully


I first got connected with Abbie a couple years back when we were both contributors for the She Is Light blog (another you’ll find on this list here in a bit).  Since then we’ve done giveaways and online book clubs together, and I even got to hang with her and her husband Cal for a few days when I when I was in Denver for work earlier this year—it was the best exploring Garden of the Gods with her and talking about ALL the things!  I love hearing her heart and thoughts on everything ranging from the Enneagram to friendships to faith-based topics of all kinds.  Not a Colorado resident?  No worries, these are exactly the kinds of posts you’ll find on her blog—and I just know you’ll love it as much as I do!

Website: abbiegmeyer.com | Instagram: @abbiegmeyer


I first came across Madyson on her Instagram a couple years back and I absolutely adored the words she writes there so I was SO excited when shortly after, I saw that she had a blog as well.  Her posts are so honest, encouraging, and fun—and she has a way of packing powerful truth into the most beautiful (or should I say beautiefull) string of words that really sticks with you and makes an impression.  Also, girl’s got style—so her truth-filled faith-based posts end up inadvertently doubling as outfit inspo.  Madyson’s writing digs into the experiences and emotions we all have in a way that makes you feel so understood, but also reminded of ultimate truth.  If you don’t already read her blog, you need to!

Website: madysongrace.com | Instagram: @beautiefullthings


She Is Light is one of the first websites I ever wrote a guest post for when I first started writing!  Its founder, Elise, is the best—and I love everything she does with the blog, and also her YouTube channel and personal Instagram page.  The mission of She Is Light is to help women know their worth and live a purpose-filled life.  I am here for it!  In addition to posts covering topics like comparison or sisterhood, Elise also offers online devotionals and apparel for purchase.  Be sure to follow along with all things She Is Light for a steady stream of biblical truth and encouragement, and for access to a whole slew of the most helpful resources.

Website: sheislight.com | Instagram: @sheislight


This girl is the queen of words.  I love her blog, her books (like this one I couldn’t put down during my Yosemite trip earlier this year), and I LOVE her Monday Morning emails!  These are what you get if you sign-up for her email list, and it’s probably one of the happiest email lists you could ever be a part of.  Hannah’s emails are like powerful little pep talks and they always seem to address the exact topics you were needing to hear at the exact right time.  I seriously look forward to reading them every single Monday, coffee in hand.  Anyway, her blog covers important topics that aren’t often addressed like anxiety and depression, social media boundaries, and singleness and dating.  As a matter of fact, her words played an important role in encouraging me to write the Still Single Devotional I released earlier this year.  Read her stuff!

Website: hannahbrenchercreative.com | Instagram: @hannahbrencher


I first discovered Grace through a friend of mine earlier this year and I’m SO glad I did!  I love that she speaks truth directly with spunk and well, grace.  She is real and relatable, and I’ve loved reading her thoughts on topics addressing everything from dating to comparison to college life to navigating your twenties to busyness.  Her heart is that all girls and women would know they are enough, and not only is this a theme in a lot of her blog posts, it’s the title of her book she released earlier this summer!  Grace is one of those people who is just enjoyable to follow along with because she’s so genuinely kind, warm, and full of joy.  I’ve been encouraged by her words time and time again, and I know you will be too!

Website: gracevalentine.org | Instagram: @thegracevalentine


When I first started following Manda, she was a teacher and Barre instructor living in Indiana, and now she is pursuing a career as a freelance writer, living in Chicago, and has opened her home up to foster children alongside her husband Eric.  Seeing the boldness she has in chasing after what God has put on her heart and in living out her convictions has been such an encouragement to me—and it’s also challenged me in the best way.  I’ve learned a lot and been inspired often by the parts of her journey she’s shared.  If you don’t already read her blog and follow her on Instagram, you need to—warning though, following her on Instagram will make you want to eat all the Oreos!

Website: mandacarpenter.com | Instagram: @mandacarpenter


I want to say it was only sometime within this past year that I first became familiar with Jonni’s blog and Instagram, but I wish I would have discovered them before because I absolutely love her content (and she has a great middle name, am I right?).  Knowing how much work can go into creating quality content, I am continually blown away by the thoughtfulness, heart, encouragement and truth Jonni pours into her posts on such a consistent basis.  She covers topics ranging from relationships to social media to fighting the lies of the enemy, and shares compelling stories from her life with transparency, using them to communicate powerful truths and point to the heart of God.  Check out her work!

Website: jonninicole.com | Instagram: @jonninicole


I first met Carolina when we were lifeguards together in high school (correction, she was a lifeguard and I was a junior lifeguard working my way there), and now we go to the same church!  She is truly one of the warmest people you will meet, and reading her blog feels like you’re talking to a friend.  It covers faith and motherhood (she is a mama to four adorable littles), and it also touches on themes of wrestling through what it truly means to know who we are in Christ.  She writes about everything in a raw and relatable way that helps you know you’re not alone, while ultimately pointing to the hope we have in Jesus.  Carolina is also an awesome speaker and lucky you, because she recently started a YouTube channel—so you can get a little taste!

Website: carolinaandes.com | Instagram: @carolinaaandes


The first words that come to mind when I think about Amanda’s posts are comforting and encouraging.  Her words have an almost poetic way about them, and she writes in a manner that gets to the heart of things and speaks life into the spaces that need it.  I love reading her thoughts on singleness and marriage, the things she gleans from God’s Word, and I love following along with the snippets she shares of her life as a nurse and of her journey toward nontoxic living.  Fun fact: Amanda was also the first online blogging friend who I got to meet and hang out with IRL!  Be sure to check out her stuff.

Website: sheiscaptivatingblog.com | Instagram: @sheiscaptivating

What did you think of this list?  Are you familiar with any of these bloggers?  Are there other blogs you love reading?  Let me know in the comments!


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