13 Christian Ladies’ Blogs To Be Reading

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December 28, 2018

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Niki says:

    Thank you for this list! I love discovering new christian lifestyle blogs! I am glad I found yours and now I have a few new ones to read. God bless, Niki

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Ah I’m so glad you found a few new ones to read – I hope you love them as much as I do (and thanks for reading mine as well ).

  2. Daisie says:

    I’m always very excited to discover new blogs/instagram blogs by Christian women, I will say that I wish there was a little diversity in this list. I feel as if everyone looks the same and kind of writes the same, which is not in any way a knock on their blogs, I happen to be a fan of half of the people on this list. It just helps me and others to step outside out comfort zones when we hear the voices of those not like us.

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Hi Daisie! I hear ya, thanks for the helpful feedback. This post was highlighting bloggers within the same niche so it’s natural their writing focuses would be similar, but I do feel that the voice and perspective of each lady on this list is very much unique. I hadn’t considered whether their appearances were similar, but will definitely keep that in mind next time I compile a list like this. Thanks for reading!

  3. Roxanne says:

    This is a great list! Loved reading what you had to say about each blogger.

  4. Grace says:

    Hey girly! Hope you’re well considering the times.. thank you for sharing this list such gems!! I would love to be considered in your next post as I started a faith blog for twenty something women to encourage them to see themselves in Gods image and live their best boldest lives- beyond the hashtag- which can only be done with God at the center. My blog is simply complicated.club/ no worries if it doesn’t fit your audience would also love your tips on how to stay encouraged as a faith blogger starting out? 🙂 keep spreading your light Kaci!!

  5. ej says:

    this blog is great! thank you for this. check out this 7 day prayer miracle it has honestly helped me so much and I can only hope it will help someone else out as well. https://bit.ly/2zsvlaz

  6. Sara says:

    Hey Kaci! Thank you so much for this post- I’ve just recently decided to come back to the blogging world, and I thought it was really important to source my inspiration from my fellow Christian women… but I didn’t know any Christian bloggers other than my friend Nadine from http://www.pickingmoredaisies.com! This is such a great resource, and I’ve followed most of these lovely ladies (including yourself) on bloglovin’! I look forward to reading more of your content sis!

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Hi Sara! Aw I’m so happy to hear this was a helpful resource! What is your website? I would love to check out your blog as well as Nadine’s. Thanks for your encouraging words

  7. Katiana Smith says:

    Hi, I appreciate the intent behind this blog and your desire to spotlight fellow Christian women bloggers.

    Though not a Blogger, I am a writer of faith based devotionals and books. If I may, I’m going to be respectfully blunt…the writers you listed are all very similar in style, age and packaging. I will say this is common now that social media dominates our life and most women right now are some version of JoAnna Gaines. In and of itself, nothing terribly wrong with that except it leaves little room for the Elizabeth Elliot’s, Sarah Young’s, and L.B. Coleman’s of the world.

    I challenge you to do a second blog highlighting a viriaty of writers from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, looks, styles and perspectives. This one size fits all stifles creativity and I fear encourages woman to put themselves into pretty, but boring boxes.

    Thanks for letting this old, grey haired, but seriously fascinating old gal speak her mind.

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Hi Katiana, thank you for sharing your thoughts! My intent was to highlight other bloggers I’m connected with and though I definitely wouldn’t say the ladies on this list are one-size-fits-all, your comment made me realize I don’t know of a many Christian bloggers outside my age demographic. Plenty of authors for sure, but not so much for bloggers. Anyway I always love being introduced to new blogs so off you have any in mind, I’d love to check them out!

  8. Tricia Basil says:

    How come this blog post is exactly like this other one I came across? I was googling the Victoria Sowell website, since the link wasn’t working, and discovered a blog entry that was verbatim, with the exception of the "anniversary" of blogging mentioned. Yours said three years, the other said one month. That makes me think perhaps they copied yours, but who knows. Anyway, here it is: https://rachelsiba.wordpress.com/2020/08/16/13-christian-ladies-blogs-to-be-reading/


    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Tricia thank you SO much for alerting me to this! You are right, this post was completely copied on another site. I ended up reaching out to the owner of the other site and she removed it. On a side note, it looks like Victoria updated her site, so I’ve updated the links here accordingly – hope that helps.

  9. Scott says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart!
    <a href=”http://www.freedomhouseca.com”>Freedom House</a>

  10. Jessica Restrepo says:

    Hi Kaci! I was looking online for Christian Bloggers because as I start and grow my own blog, onthecoffeetable.com, I wanted to surround myself with Christian women when I introduce faith and my faith journey on the blog! I just wanted to commend you on what you said about putting into words about what you feel in order for others to relate to because that’s exactly what drove me to start my blog! (Plus sharing the message of God one day) so I’m glad I stumbled on your blog! Thanks for the resources!

  11. Mrs. Michele Kelsey says:

    Hi Kaci! Thank you so much for sharing this list!! This is EXACTLY what I was needing! I am hoping to connect with other Christian bloggers out there, who like me, want to share their faith with the world. I just started my blog, https://sharinglifeandlove.com/. It started as a tribute to my dad who just passed suddenly, but even though I’ve broadened the scope to include my faith and helping people, I know he’s proud of me. I also follow Arabah Joy, Melissa Ringstaff, and Rachel Wojo. They all have great free resources on their sites, so check them out if you want to find some more great bloggers. I am SO excited to check out these ladies’ blogs to learn from their expertise and grow in my faith. Thanks for sharing this list!! All the Best, Michele Kelsey

  12. Sophia says:

    Hi Kaci:
    This was such a welcome read today and i’m so glad to come by your site and read through your excellent reviews of each of the most wonderful people. Yes I too have re-started my blog at http://www.sophialorenabenjamin.wordpress.com and a youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWueaTClFgRYflNdBlATKDQ/about

    Would be so happy to have you visit either and share a comment.
    Blessings to you and all the wonderful people sharing the love of Jesus.

  13. Patrice Van Dyke says:

    Hi Kaci: Thanks for the list. I am going to check all of these ladies out. I also blog at womenseekingchrist.com. It is a place for ordinary women seeking extraordinary lives in Jesus. I hope some of your readers check it out.

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  15. Don Davies says:

    Thanks for sharing this. My wife and I have been actively looking for the best Christian Books for women, as well as blogs too. We read lots like the ones from Keion Henderson, https://www.keionhenderson.com/books/ and other notable pastors and authors. This list will really excite Cathy!

  16. Don Davies says:

    Thank you for sharing. I believe my daughter and wife will enjoy these Christian blogs. We need to read or listen to sermons and blogs like this one during these challenging times. We are fighting a wide range of ills, including war, famine, racism, and prejudice. Thanks to you and other Pastors like Keion Henderson, https://www.keionhenderson.com/, whose never-ending mission of bringing people back to God has been simply amazing. God bless you and everyone else in the future!

  17. Marianna Geoffrey says:

    I love listening to uplifting sermons, it helps me get through my depression. Especially from Keion Henderson founder, CEO, and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries. With more than 20 years of experience, he knows how to capture his audience’s attention and connect with them. I hope more people find him.

  18. Christina says:

    Hi Kaci!

    I would love to be featured on your list! I’m also a Christian blogger that focuses on self-love, mental health, emotional healing, relationships, faith, and prayer! My website is http://www.adornedheart.com !

    Here are some other ladies that are older that can bring a little variation.
    1. Double amputee that speaks on hope, gratefulness, and faith: https://oneexceptionallife.com
    2. A wonderful Christian woman living with BD: https://www.mybigfatbipolarlife.com

    Also, I would love to connect if you’re open to that 🙂

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