Will You Please Pray For Me? I’m Hurting


February 1, 2016

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Lamar Gibbs says:

    Beautiful post Kaci.

  2. Such comforting words, thanks for sharing!

  3. Megan says:

    This spoke me to me so much. I come from a broken family and was just feeling like because my dad wasn’t a good father, how sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on parts in life. But God, through Ezekiel 34, is saying no I will be your father. I will take care of you. Thank you for this post. I was feeling so discouraged before I read this.

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      I’m so thankful God used this post to show you His heart toward you as your FATHER—that He is able to perfectly fulfill everything your dad wasn’t, though that lack is so painful and so real. Praying He continues to reveal Himself to you as Father and shows you how intimately He has been and will continue to care for you.

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