How to Know Where God is Guiding You


May 24, 2016

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Justin Yap says:

    I like this! I was just actually telling someone recently that you have to test out different spirits to see where the next move should be, which requires prayer, patience, research, and a little bit of testing.

    Your story telling and relationship to God’s motives are on par. Great read! Thank you =)

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Yes, it’s so true! Testing is key – it’s often in trying out an option prayerfully that God directs and shows us whether it’s right. He’s after the relationship aspect and following His guide is almost like a dance where we stay in step with Him. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment, Justin!

  2. Heather says:

    That’s was SO good Kaci! I’m definitely taking this wisdom into a big decision I’ll be making in just 2 months. I definitely struggle with remaining stationary because I feel like I shouldn’t make a decision until He’s made it clear, but you raise a wonderful point here! Nothing is permanent. Even if you choose the wrong one, He will get you back on track. How amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Thanks so much for reading, Heather – and I’m so glad this was helpful in the big decision you need to make soon. Praying that as you step out in faith, God continues to guide you into exactly what He has for you!

  3. Diego says:

    So awesome, as we will to do, we will be able to know. Great read Kaci!

  4. Christine says:

    This is so good and so timely! God wanted me to read this today. I feel that. Thank you ❤️

  5. Edidiong says:

    This is timely! Although it was written few years back, it is still timely. Fear and indecision indeed paralyzes us and creates a lot of stress. Believing that God will always guide me even when I make a wrong move is comforting. Thank you for writing this. I am a big fan!

  6. Stacy says:

    Wow Kaci Nicole, this spoke directly to my heart. I felt as if Jesus was speaking to me about the crossroads I seem to find myself at. I have been experiencing the ‘stuck’ feeling with some decisions I need to make but even if I go in the wrong direction I must believe that He will ‘course correct’ me all the way into His will & added benefit into His arms. Keep writing Kaci Nicole- write your heart out! declare the Words of God because they are food, and His people are hungry for it. May God bless you, your family, and ministry always. Be blessed.

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