9 Resources to Fuel Your New Year’s Resolutions

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December 30, 2016

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Abbie says:

    This is a great list sweets! looove whole30, Dave Ramsey, Kayla Itsines and Dale Partridge! So many good things that I agree are such good resources! Can’t wait to check out some of the others 🙂

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Thank you so much, Abbie! Can’t wait to continue to learn from YOU through your new resources tab! And our book club is going to be so much fun!

  2. Victoria Sowell says:

    Love this post! I know that this new year will be full of wonderful things from God for you. I look forward to seeing it all unfold! Thanks for sharing these resources and some encouragement with us all! Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Thank you, Tori! Your words are so encouraging and hope-filled, and they mean a lot. I know it will be an incredible year for you too, and I’m excited to follow along! Happy 2017!

  3. Mel says:

    Love this and love you Kaci! Thankful for your gift of writing,wisdom and encouragement!! I’d love to get a lock screen with the word benevolent on it! Lemnahc.x3@gmail.com

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Mel you are SO encouraging and I’m so thankful for your friendship! Check your inbox – a "Benevolent" lock screen is waiting for you. What a great word to focus on!

  4. Loved every bit of this! So practical, so wise, and so many fun pictures! Keep it up!

  5. Allie says:

    Hi Kaci! I recently followed you on instagram but this is the first blog post of yours I’ve read and I love it! I’m feeling very inspired by you right now. 🙂 My word for 2017 is Alive. I want to take every moment of 2017 and just be totally present and totally real. I want my relationship with Jesus, my realtionships with friends and family, and also my relationship with myself to be raw, real, and full of life. On fire. If you could make me a lockscreen that would be super amazing! My email is alliekat43@yahoo.com. Thanks for the inspiration ❤❤

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Ah Allie you are SO encouraging! I’m so glad you found me on IG, and thank you for taking the time to read this post. ALIVE – what a beautiful word to choose for 2017. I love it, and praying it over you! May this next year bring such depth and beauty in your relationship with Jesus and with those around you. Check your email – you’ve got an "Alive" lock screen waiting for ya. Thanks again for your kind words!

  6. Love this girl! Can’t wait to check out the bible project! My word for 2017 is faithfulness. 2016 was the best and hardest year of my life, and only the faithfulness of God carried me through. This year I want to press more into knowing His heart of faithfulness, and let Him cultivate more faithfulness in mine as well. My email is livhwilson@gmail.com. Thank you!!!

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Thank you so much, Liv! Yes, definitely check out the Bible Project! Especially with your word being "Faithfulness," for me the Bible Project helped me see the bigger picture of God’s continual faithfulness woven throughout Scripture. LOVE the word you’ve picked for 2017, and I’m praying it over your life. Just as God showed you His faithfulness through a good but hard 2017, I pray that He continues to show you His faithfulness and cultivate it in you through a blessed, joyful 2017! Thanks for reading – and your "Faithfulness" graphic is in your inbox.

  7. Andrea says:

    Loved this post, I would like a lock screen with the word Faithful. I am starting out 2017 with a pretty serious surgery but am so thankful to know to know I have a God who is faithful and has a plan. My email is anw284@yahoo.com.

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      LOVE that word, Andrea! Praying that God shows you how truly FAITHFUL He is in 2017 – through your surgery, and through all the other unknowns in life. May the new year be full of JOY! Check your inbox for your lock screen.

  8. Lindsay says:

    Hi Kaci! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a few months now and you have provided me with so much inspiration! I want my word for 2017 to be enough — I want to rest in knowing that I am enough for the Lord and that His love is enough for me in every area of my life. I would love it if you could make me a lock screensaver for my phone. Thank you so much and God bless!

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Lindsay your words are SO encouraging! Thank you for following along on Instagram and for reading this blog. Truly means so much to me. What an incredible word to focus on for the new year – and what a life changing concept when we truly grasp how enough we are! Praying it over your life, that you would know it in every fiber of your being this year. Your lock screen is in your inbox!

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