3 Simple Ways to Spread a Little Love


February 14, 2017

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Leah says:

    Hey! You are so encouraging and inspiring! As a fellow Christian blogger/instagramer you are such a beautiful soul to learn from! My boyfriend and I are currently in a long distance relationship (one that has gone on for almost 2 years and will continue for another 2 years). It is so hard at times, as we can only realistically visit a few times a year. I would LOVE some prayer over our lives. My email is leahjj98@gmail.com <3 thank you again for all the encouragement and love you spread over instagram and the world. Never stop! <3

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Aw Leah you are SO encouraging!!! Thank you so much. What’s your blog URL? I’d love to check it out.

      Thanks for sharing some of what you’re going through. I can only imagine that long distance would be so tough!! I wrote out some encouragement and prayer for you on the postcard, and got it in the mail today. May God guide the two of you and use this challenging season to shape you in incredible ways.

      Also, thank you for all your incredibly kind words!!!!

  2. Rain Islas says:

    Hi pretty girl! It’s Rain!! Loved reading this. You inspire in such lovely ways. My email is rainislas10@gmail.com ❤️

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Rain girl!!! Thank you for reading. Loved getting to write out encouragement and prayer for you – thanks for sending over some of what’s been on your heart. Your postcard is in the mail!

  3. Kelly says:

    Kaci!!!! Love you so much! Email is kelly.wilkinson.1225@gmail.com

    Thanks for being amazing and for always sharing what’s in your heart. I’m so incredibly thankful for you!

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Love YOU Kell-Bell!! Thanks for taking the challenge and sending me such a thoughtful text. Your postcard is in the mail!

  4. Kaci Piccillo says:

    P.S. The fourth card was claimed by someone via FB comments 🙂

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