An Open Letter to the College Grad Who Has No Idea What’s Next


May 10, 2017

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Valerie says:

    I was crying on the phone to my best friend about this earlier today because I graduate tomorrow and I have no idea what I’m doing next. Then I prayed. And I think I found my answer in your words. Thank you, Kaci!


    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Aw man, how cool on the timing—Praise God! I’m so glad He used this to speak into your situation. Congratulations on your graduation today! Enjoy it—and know God has incredible things for you that He will reveal as you seek Him and try different things out. Much love to you Valerie!

  2. Heather Lovelett says:

    Kaci you have no idea how much this relates to me and how badly I needed to hear this! Most especially your point about not moving forward with a calling because you’re not 100% certain it’s from God. This is me to a T right now and your words really touched my heart!! Thanks for sharing girl!

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      Wow wow wow, I’m SO glad!! Yeah I trip myself up all the time in wanting to have certainty from God before moving forward. But oftentimes He gives us certainty or redirects us in the process of moving forward. Thanks for reading, Heather!

  3. Justin Y. says:

    One advice that I learned is to start monthly budgeting if they haven’t got into the habit yet. Once I graduated, student loans kicked in on the day of my birthday and I realized how much it takes out of my paycheck every month – boy was it huge. Then I looked at how much money I’ve used in going out, shopping, and buying food all the time. Cash was disappearing out of thin air that I really had to budget and limit my extra funds. That’s where smart grocery shopping and weekly meal preps came in handy. 🙂

    • Kaci Piccillo says:

      That is such a wise and practical piece of advice! I hear you on the student loans—boy are those real. Mostly budgeting is so smart because any you can save then put towards going beyond the minimum payment, you are shaving off the interest, which makes a big difference. I need to be better about where grocery shopping instead of eating out—thanks for the reminder, and thanks for reading!

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