When You Don’t Understand Why Something Had To Happen


September 14, 2018

Kaci Nicole

Much love,

  1. Heather Peterson says:

    Love it As a recovering control freak who has a hard time understanding when God’s plans don’t work out like I think they should, I think this is a message a lot of us need to hear. I am not God. I’m not promised the knowledge of why God does what he does. And God is still good.

  2. Justin Yap says:

    Great post and a great read. Thank you for the reminder and keep up the good work Kaci!

  3. Roxanne says:

    Your insight and writing skills never cease to amaze me. Great “Job”!

  4. Kendall Grant says:

    I am new to your page and wow wow wow…this post was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the thoughts and wisdom that God has given to you through His Word and Holy Spirit! I know for a fact I can act as the judge of a bad/sad situation and once I find some good that He is doing in the situation I begin to think its more okay that He did what He did, when, like you said, that is wrong and sinful of me/us to do!

    So excited to read more of your blog posts! Praise Jesus for the way He uses His children to teach us more about Himself.

    • Kaci Nicole says:

      Hi Kendall! Aw, your comment totally encouraged me and made me smile – so glad to have ya here, and thank you for your kind words! It’s so true, I totally make myself the judge too. This passage was eye-opening for me. Thanks for reading!

  5. Gary says:

    Great post girly

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